Craig at Elton John’s annual Academy Awards Viewing Party

Elton John’s annual Academy Awards Viewing Party held on March 2nd in L.A. was another success, raising $5.1 million for his AIDS Foundation.

It was the 22nd year that Elton has hosted the event and this year’s star-studded crowd included Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Heidi Klum, Jane Fonda, Whoopi Goldberg, Sheryl Crow, Steven Tyler, Taylor Swift, Josh Groban, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Seymour, Robert De Niro, and Craig Robert Young.

Craig Robert Young  @ Elton John's Oscars viewing party LA 02.03.2014 (2)


Guests dined on a lavish five-course dinner from a menu created by Gordon Ramsay and participated in a silent auction for which the premiums included a piano signed by Elton and Bernie Taupin, a print of Elton and John Lennon taken in 1974 and signed by the photographer, five days at Steven Tyler’s home in Hawaii and both tickets to and a backstage tour of the upcoming Broadway musical Hedwig & the Angry Inch, starring Neil Patrick Harris.

Toscars 2014 winners

Check out the first pics of Craig R.Young at the last night’s Toscars event !

Craig Robert Young @ The 7th Toscars LA 26.02.2014 (3)


Here are all the winners of the night , congratulations to all the talents

Terminate Her - Parody of Her – Producer Matt Crabtree

Elizabeth Arends - Shaving Mr. Hanks – Parody of Saving Mr Banks

Matt Crabtree - Terminate Her  - Parody of Her

BEST SUPP. WHACTRESS presented by last years toscar winner – MICHAEL ENRIGHT
Sarah Farooqui - British Hustle – Parody of American Hustle 

Joh Capbell Mac - British Hustle – Parody of American Hustle

Guy Ross - Captain Phillips & The horn of Africa – Parody of Captain Phillips

BEST CUTTER (*editing) presented by ADAM WOOD
Laura Harbron - Dallas Biters Club – Parody of Dallas Buyers Club

BEST SCRIBBLE (*writing) presented by JIM PIDDOCK
Ben Stanley - Captain Phillips & The horn of Africa - Parody of Captain Phillips

BEST BANG FOR BUCK (Production design)
Kerry & Evan Marlowe - Pheelaweena  -Parody of Philomeena


Craig Robert Young interview for ‘Just Celebrity’

Check out this interview of Craig, founder of The Toscars for ‘Just Celebrity‘.

Craig Robert Young by Steve Scholfield-Palm Springs shooting 2014 (2)

1. What are the Toscars about?

It’s an event, that starts on the same date the nominees for that other big ceremony announced, teams, chosen at random have three weeks to make a parody of the nominated films. We celebrate with a red-carpet event at the egyptian theatre with celeb judges who hand out the awards to our winners in categories such as best whactor, best choons, best bang for buck.)

2. What inspired you to make this award ceremony?

The movie be Kind rewind with Mos def and Jack Black, after me and my Partner in Brits in LA, Eileen Lee saw thew movie we thought it would be great to recreate the oscar movies with our friends and have a little fun.

3.How has the award ceremony expanded since it started 7 years ago?

On a crazy level – what started with a handful of friends, perhaps 25 of us in a bar that had football playing on the other screen – 2 of our dvd’s wouldn’t play, sound was terrible and our movies were all over 20 minutes long. Voting was decided by who made the loudest noise. Our red carpet was a red bath-mat. It has now become a very polished event with many rules and guidelines in place for the filmmakers. We now have 100 participants and the films can only be up to 5 minutes long. We have been housed in the egyptian theatre for the last 2 years. The awards are all custom made and we have real celebrities and over 600 people attend.

Source : Just Celebrity (full article HERE)

It is ‘Toscars’ time again in Hollywood !

It’s the Award season again in Hollywood and Craig R. Young & his Brits are back with the Toscars ! The golden fists are shining bright again for the 7th season. Ten short movies are in competition – all parodies of the ten nominated Oscars films.

Toscars Poster  2014 (1)

The Egyptian Theater in LA will welcome for the second time the sold-out awards ceremony on February, 26th. The red carpet event with all the Hollywood glamour and glitter will start at 7.30 pm.

Toscars 2014

Celebrity judges DJ Paul Oakenfold, Jim Piddock, Jennifer Elise Cox & Joshua Jackson (‘Fringe’, ‘Dawson’) will debate to reward the best Whactor, best Whactress, best Boss, best Tunes, best Scribbler, best Cutter and best Production Design (costumes, hair, makeup, set). A Honorary Award will also be given.

Jaguar - Toscars 2014

Alex Newell (Glee) and Little Miss Toscar Tehmina Sunny (Argo) will be hosting the events sponsored by Brits In LA, Jaguar, Geek Eyewear, Beltran Brito, Pollutions Studios and the Camera House LA.

Camera, lights, whaction… And all you have to do is to find your inner parody…